Best Recessed Speakers of 2018 & Buying Guide

Unwinding the wire nest can be tacking and visible; out of the theme speakers can spoil your décor themes. When it comes to music, there shouldn’t be any compromises. For a minute, envision the hypnotic state when you enter a room where your favorite song with amazing sound effects is playing and you can’t spot any speaker around!

And this is what modern technology has gifted us. Hence, in-wall speakers or in-ceiling speakers are must to have. After going through a lot of products, we came across with 5 best recessed speakers.

And as per our findings below are the 5 best recessed speakers reviews:

1. Polk Audio 265-LS White Rectangular High Performance In-Wall Speaker Review

And the winning speaker as per our 5 best-recessed speakers reviews is Polk Audio 265-LS.

It is the best in-wall speaker that is easy to install and can easily blend in with your décor themes. The simple and modest design is the big asset to this speaker. These speakers, with the dimension of 20.9 X8.9 X 3.5 inches, aren’t accurately flush-mounted. The speaker protrudes a bit out of the wall but it is not that noticeable.

This amazing speaker comprises of a 6.5-inch bass driver and mid-bass driver that can handle frequencies up to 2 kHz and more, easily. With the adjustable angle up to 15 degrees, it delivers an amazing sound imaging experience. However, the bass isn’t that substantial, as it would need a subwoofer to fulfill its audio response. Where its size and discreet designs is a bonus, the only demerit is its price.


  • checkSimple and Modest Design
  • checkEasy installation


  • Expensive

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2. Micca M-8S 8 Inch 2-Way In-Wall Speaker with Pivoting 1″ Silk Dome Tweeter (Each, White) Review

Micca M-8S in-wall speaker provides a similar experience but only in lesser price. This rectangular speaker looks way charming for its scanty price. It proved successful in impressing the regular listeners and its value for money embarked its position in this list of 5 best-recessed speakers reviews.

With a dimension of 14.3 X 10 inches, this speaker is even tinier than the Polk Audio 265-LS. It is evident that expensive speakers sound much better in terms of quality but Micca M-8S, in a surround setup, drives out enough for a much better sound experience. The tweeter can deal with mid and higher frequencies with much ease. The benefits of spending on thisspeaker are its price, balanced audio system and ability to handle higher volumes without any distortion. It may not be a good deal for the ones who enjoy music at very high volumes, as it is only moderately loud.


  • checkInexpensive
  • checkBalanced Audio System
  • checkNo distortion at higher volumes


  • Only moderately loud

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3. BIC America F12 12-Inch 475-Watt Front Firing Powered Subwoofer Review

BIC America F-12 enables an enormous bass and can serve well as a stereo subwoofer or even as a home theater. This subwoofer is extremely efficient due to its ability of transforming power to sound. Despite of its large size and heavy weight, the BIC America F-12 has an attractive and classic design is well designed.

The woofer has a diameter of 12 inches. The woofer is sufficient for a room of medium size.

The BIC America F-12 works superbly well even at 150 watts from the amplifier.

The specification of this woofer includes three different power settings: Signal-sensitive auto mote, off and on. The volume can be adjusted with the dial on the back of the unit. The phase control is easy to customize enabling the speaker drivers to move in similar direction. Where the strong base and energy efficiency adds stars to it, the only ignorable demerit is the power indication LED that is difficult to spot.


  • checkEnergy efficient
  • checkStrong base.
  • checkEasy installations


  • Power indication LED is hard to spot

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4. Omaker M4 Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 12 Hour Playtime,Waterproof Wireless Shower Speaker for Outdoor(Army Green) Review

Omaker M4 secures its position in this top 5 best-recessed speakers reviews list as a portable Bluetooth speaker. Its exorbitant properties include water-resistant, shock-resistant, and dust-resistant. M4 Bluetooth speaker is regarded as a rugged device that provides rough duty and carried anywhere with much ease.

This portable Bluetooth speaker has a profound design with dimensions of 1.8 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches and a weight of 5.6 ounces approx. It doesn’t provide that enormous sound effect as offered by other speakers, however, it works perfectly fine for smaller rooms or intact surroundings. The speaker claims a battery life of 12 hours and charging the device is much easier. It can even be charged using car’s micro-USB charging cable.

Despite it is handy, easy to charge and other resistant properties, the only demerit is the placement of its NFC chip, which is on the base of the speaker. However, it is not a major issue if your phone is already paired. All over, it is a good portable speaker that can be used anywhere.


  • checkPortable and handy
  • checkRough duty
  • check12 hr Battery life and easy charging


  • No strong sound effects
  • Placement of NFC chip

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5. Pyle PDIC60 In-Wall / In-Ceiling Dual 6.5-Inch Speaker System Review

This speaker was a must to have on this list. Bought in a pair, you can mount these speakers either as in-wall or in ceiling speakers. These speakers are both ideal as front or rear speakers in a Surround sound system. However, people loved it as an in-wall speaker the most. Unlike the traditional rectangular shaped speakers, Pyle PDIC60 speaker has circular shape. The speaker has a diameter of 9 inches with 2.375 inches of depth. This adorable looking speaker is available in two models: PDI60 with 6.5-inch driver and the PDI80 with an 8-inch driver. The rotatable dome tweeter enables you to adjust the direction as per the sitting area.

The installation of this speaker is much easier as it has a connection panel on the back that is color-coded. This speaker delivers good performance at a decent price. The only odd here is its open back that has chance of debris settling into it. However, it can be taken care of by covering it with a plastic cover. Rest everything goes smooth with this marvelous looking speaker.


  • checkEasy installation
  • checkAdorable design and strong performance


  • Back panel not covered

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The Wrap Up

Some had a strong base, some offered adorable designs, some proved to be pocket-friendly while others were easy to handle. Yet what all had in common was good performance and value worth the expense. All these speakers can be easily purchased from amazon without any hassle. Hope these 5 best-recessed speakers reviews will help you to compare and find a suitable speaker as per your requirements.