Best Soundbars Under $200 (Year 2018)

Do you want to buy a soundbar under $200? Do you want some of the advanced features at an affordable price? In the current market, you will find different types of the soundbars and many of them come at an affordable price with some advanced technologies.

You need to go through the features and the positive and negative sides of each soundbar to find the suitable one. A comparison of some best models can help you to take the right decision. As the options are many, you might find it confusing to choose the one that can serve your interest best.

If you are looking for some help to get the best soundbar below $200, you can go through the following best soundbars under $200 reviews. In the following review, you will get the details of some popular soundbars under $200 with key features and negative and positive sides.


Top 5 Best Soundbars Under $200 Reviews

1. ZVOX 555 Low-Profile Single-Cabinet soundbar with Optical and Coaxial Digital Inputs



ZVOX 555 Low-Profile Single-Cabinet sound bar is considered as an ideal option for those looking for a single cabinet unit with an improved sound system. It does not need any external speaker, speaker wires, and subwoofer for offering the best quality sound.

It is easy and simple to use. The best thing about this sound bar is that it is able to reproduce movie and music soundtracks with accuracy. With this, you can expect thunderous bass and crystal clear vocals.

It is also able to deliver amazing three-dimensional sound. It comes with a compact size as well. All the components including the amplifier, speakers, and virtual sound technology, and the powered subwoofer can easily fit into your slim cabinet and can enhance the look of your living room.


  • Good quality and virtual sound

It comes with the best quality sound. The amplifier is specifically designed to offer accuracy, natural sound, and the powerful bass. It can be a good option for any home theater system. In addition, you will have the virtual sound processing to get the three-dimensional and rich sound to enjoy your movies and music more. It has the PhaseCue II technology that creates a wide soundstage.

  • Great design

It comes with a slim design. Moreover, it uses a highly-efficient amplifier. Even if you play the loud volumes, it will use less than the 10-watt power only. And the standby power will not be more than 1.0 watt. Therefore, you can say that it is energy efficient and environment-friendly.

  • Makes the sound the soft

One of the key features of this soundbar is that it has the ability to make the loud sound soft and nice. To achieve this, you just need to press the OL button. It can also make the soft sounds louder and make the sound sweeter for the ears.

  • Display

It has a four digit display behind the speaker to shows the bass, volume, treble, and virtual sound of the soundbar.

  • Compatibility

It has two analog audio inputs. One is an optical digital input another is coaxial digital input. In addition, you will get an input to connect iPod or any portable device.


  • Easy setup system.
  • Slim and compact design that can be easily accommodated in any cabinet.
  • Best quality sounds with the digital displays


  • No external speaker and subwoofer

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2. Samsung HW-K450 2.1 Channel Wireless Audio Soundbar

Samsung HW-K450 2.1 Channel Wireless Audio Soundbar is considered one of the best soundbars within this price range. It comes with a curved design and impressive look. The soundbar has received appreciations for some of its developed features that include Bluetooth support, HDMI, wireless subwoofer, and one optical and coaxial inputs.

It offers a clutter-free environment to enjoy the surround sound expansion and Dolby Digital Sound. It comes with the best quality sound and the easy connectivity system. You can also control it by your Android mobile device with the Samsung Remote App. You can use the inbuilt USB port to enjoy your favorite songs from the MP3.



Samsung HW-K450 2.1 Channel Wireless Audio Soundbar is popular for the nice design. The manufacturer has adopted a curve design. Therefore, you can expect a black rectangular main unit with a metal grille and solid build quality.

You will have black metallic finish at either end of panels with some basic controls for the on/off, volume, select. In the middle, you will find the display with information about the volume, sound effect, selected input, and settings.

  • Samsung Audio Remote App

The best thing about this soundbar is that you can easily control it by your mobile phone with the Samsung Audio Remote App. This App allows you to control some of the basic functions that include the volume, power, and media controls. You can also manage customizable functions.

  • Wireless Surround Sound

You can expand your surround sound with the addition of SWA -8000S wireless surround kit. The TV sound Connect will also help you to enjoy music, movies, and shows with the best quality sound. Moreover, you can control both the TV and Soundbar from a single remote.

Wireless Active Subwoofer Wireless Active Subwoofer can help you to enjoy the dynamic and powerful bass. It can make some unique experience with some best quality and natural sounds.


  • The bass is adjustable
  • It offers the best quality sound
  • You can control it from your mobile.
  • It comes with an impressive design
  • It is affordable


  • The subwoofer lacks power

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3. Samsung HW-F355 2.1 Channel Audio Soundbar

Samsung HW-F355 2.1 Channel Audio Soundbar is a wall-mountable soundbar that comes with many advanced features. The surround sound expansion is the key feature of this soundbar that enables the user to enjoy the best sound ever.

It has also added a new feature known as the TV SoundConnect to enable the TV sound to transmit to the Soundbar with the Bluetooth device. You will not need any wire for this connection.

In addition, you will get an optical cable to connect your soundbar and TV directly. You will also have the option to stream music from your smartphone to the soundbar. In fact, you can use an Android App called Samsung Audio Remote to control your soundbar from your smartphone.


  • Great Sound

It comes with an improved sound quality and the bass is also good. Both these combinations offer a new and unique experience. The surround sound is also amazingly good and it adds some new dimensions to enhance your experience. If you have a small living room, then this soundbar will be a great option. But for the large rooms, you might not find it that effective as the sound will not be that loud.

  • Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth technology is the new addition. Moreover, you can use the Samsung audio app to control your soundbar from your device. You will also find a wired subwoofer to hear the quality sound and bass.

  • Inputs

You will also find a number of the inputs in this soundbar. You can use these inputs to connect the soundbar to other portable devices and can enjoy your favorite music from the TV and mobile devices.

  • State-of-the-art 3D Sound Plus technology

It comes with some developed technologies to offer the best quality sound. You will have the surround sound, State-of-the-art 3D Sound Plus technology, one-way channel speakers, and wired active subwoofer to create an entertaining environment and clutter free sound while enjoying your movies, songs, or any of your preferred program.


  • It is able to offer a great audio experience
  • It comes with many developed technologies to offer a quality sound.
  • It is affordable.
  • It comes with a nice design.


  • It does not work with Samsung TV
  • It might not be that effective for the large rooms.

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4. LG Electronics NB3530A Sound Bar

If you are looking for the best soundbar at an affordable price then consider buying LG Electronics NB3530A Sound Bar. It is specifically designed to offer great and clutter free sound that you can expect for your home cinema system.

This product is highly appreciated by the users for the best quality sound and easy to use features. Though it is affordable, but you can expect some developed features like a wireless subwoofer in this sound bar. It comes with two optical inputs as well.


  • Nice design

It comes with the super slim design and that allows easy installation. You can even place it on a flat surface. It comes with wall mount as well. The build quality is also solid. The bodywork is heavy and bolted together solidly. It has a gloss-black finish that covers the entire body and offers a nice look. The edges are curved well.

  • LED display

You will find a LED display in the middle of the soundbar that others key information about the inputs, setting, USB port, and the volume.

  • Built-in Bluetooth

You will have the built-in Bluetooth that allows you to enjoy music from your phone, laptop, and other portable devices without any wire connection.

  • Wireless Subwoofer

You will have the wireless subwoofer to make the installation easy and more convenient.

  • Great sound

You will get an impressive sound of 300W of power. The bass will be good as well.


  • It comes with an impressive look
  • You will have powerful and engaging sound
  • It has an inbuilt Bluetooth.
  • The installation will be easy.


  • It does not have HDMI inputs

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5. VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch Wireless Subwoofer Sound Bar

If you are looking for a reliable, affordable, and the best quality soundbar then VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch Wireless Subwoofer Sound Bar is designed for you only.

The best thing about this soundbar is that it comes with some easy to use features with a sleek and simple look. It can go well with any room that might be your living room, kid’s room, or the entertainment area.

Moreover, it is considered good for both the small and large TVs. As it comes with the wall mounted feature, you can simply keep it on the surface or consider wall mounting depending on your preference.


  • Sound bar system

You can expect the best quality sound with this sound bar. The soundbar system will come with powerful speakers and wireless subwoofer to deliver the best sound to offer a home theater experience in the comfort of the home. In addition, you will get an expansive audio to deliver room filling and the crystal clear sound.

  • Wireless subwoofer

It has the wireless subwoofer to offer good and powerful brass to transform all your favorite programs into the best musical shows.

  • Dolby Digital and DTS TruSurround

Dolby digital sound will be there to provide dramatic spatial dimension to the sounds. And the DTSSurround sound will help to deliver a real surround-sound with a comfortable volume level to enhance your multimedia experience.

  • Function buttons

You will find many quick button functions that include Bluetooth pairing, power, Volume Down, input Source selection, and Volume Up.

  • Inbuilt Bluetooth

You will also have inbuilt –Bluetooth that you can use to stream audio from the mobile devices without any wire connection.


  • It offers some developed features at an affordable price.
  • It offers impressive sound quality with the addition of some new technologies.
  • It has inbuilt Bluetooth that you can use to connect the sound bar to your mobile or PC.


  • The bass potential is not that great.
  • It is heavy and big and might not look good in the small rooms.

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From the above reviews, you might have realized that it not hard to buy a good sound bar with a restricted budget. You will find a plenty of options that can easily fit in your budget.

But while choosing a soundbar, you will have to take many things into account. You need to go through the features to know your preferred soundbar is able to serve your interest or not. You will have to consider the sound quality, durability, installation process, inputs and outputs, subwoofer, and the inbuilt –Bluetooth features.

Remember that you can get all the above features at an affordable price. You just need to know which one comes with all the above features. You can also check the warranty period to get the best use of it.