Best Audiophile Computer Speakers of 2018 & Buying Guide

While audiophile computer speakers are an important element to improving sound quality in computers, they are also essential and appealing accessories that can be used to fulfill people’s entertainment needs.

In this article of the best audiophile computer speakers reviews of 2017, we have reviewed and listed the latest and best audiophile speakers for computers that I know won’t let you to experience the pain of sounds with poor quality. And as a matter of fact, the list is intended to help the buyers to know the best product available for them

Top 5 Best Audiophile Computer Speakers Reviews

1. Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z213 (2.1 Stereo Speakers with Subwoofer) Review

The compact design of the Logitech multimedia speakers Z213 offers deeper sound experiences to the users who love movies and video streaming. They are also ideal for music enthusiasts who enjoy listening to music through plug-in headphones. This is enhanced by the use of a convenient control pod and an – built-in headphone jack that allows you to listen to your music in total privacy.

Worthwhile mentioning is the subwoofer with a 4” driver that gives a full deep bass from yo ur explosive tracks with just a turn of a control bass knob. And not just about delivering quality sound on your PC or Smartphone, this stereo speaker system allows the users to have a plug-and-play experience.

Furthermore, the acoustically tuned satellite speakers are easy to set up- just by connecting the speakers to the subwoofers.And because they have a compact design, they can easily fit on a desk, bookshelf or a TV cabinet.


  • Loud and clear stereo sound
  • Convenient handheld control knob
  • Inclined compact design to direct sound to your ears without sacrificing space
  • Plug and play set up


  • The original cords are pretty long
  • The drivers do not come with any software

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2. Definitive Technology Incline Audiophile Desktop System Review

This audiophile computer speaker has a pair of self powered loudspeakers that are potentially strong with audio and rich in bass sound. The audio performance is also aided by the presence of a USB Digital Analog converter making it the m exceptionally designed and built speakers that perform above most 2.0 or 2.1 speaker systems.

Additionally, With a durable and inclined structure, they s ound exceptionally well by themselves when plugged into a subwoofer. making them beneficial to any output. These speakers can blend right into a subwoofer which is set to cross over at 80 HZ and can fairly be tuned down to a low volume.

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3. Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Computer Speaker with Subwoofer – Best for Music, Movies, Multimedia PC and Gaming Systems (CA-3602 FFP) Review

Yet another audiophile speaker with crystal clear highs and thunderous bass performance.

And yet affordable.

The speakers are housed in an acoustically balanced wood cabinet to give a resonating sound response no matter what you’re listening to. The presence of a system control pod and a LED power indicator ring allows for master volume and bass control for the subwoofer just with a turn of a finger.

. This three-piece audio speaker is ideal for giving a full audio spectrum response and a powerful bass performance. The system of these best audiophile computer speakers is quite advanced and capable of delivering 62 watts peak power and 30watts RMS.


  • Convenient system control pod with on/off switch
  • Stereo speaker system with subwoofer
  • Acoustically tuned subwoofer in wood cabinet


  • The speakers are top heavy and very easy to knock over

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4. Mackie CR Series CR3 – 3″ Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors (Pair) Review

The Mackie CR3 3” creative reference multi media monitors are some of the best audiophile computer speakers with studio a quality design and performance. They are ideal for multimedia creation, gaming, and entertainment

Not only are they ultra- handy but also features a front panel aux input for plugging your Smartphone, tablet or headphone out and with a volume knob that doubles as an on or off switch.

The Mackie CR Series monitors come with tons of accessories like cables and isolation pads to get you started right away.They’re quite popular with blue tooth connectivity capabilities making it easy for music streaming. Most important is that there’s no need of installing special software while using these technically advanced audiophile speakers. All you need to do is a simple connection of the speaker to the powered subwoofer.

If you’re looking for professional grade components to give an optimized sonic performance, then this stands to be a better option for you. Because you will be assured of an ultra wide frequency range of up to 80 Hz which is not common with most speakers.


  • Studio-quality design and sound which is ideal for multimedia creation and entertainment
  • Has ultra-wide frequency range
  • Has convenient front panel volume knob
  • Very good lows, mids, and highs –giving you an opportunity to hear all the details of music
  • There’s certainly a lot of basses


  • Slightly expensive

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5. Audioengine A5+ Premium Powered Speaker Pair (White) Review

Even though they are slightly expensive compared to others but the price is justified. The Audioengine 5+ premium powered speakers deliver audiophile-quality sound that sets itself above the rest. When you connect your iDevice, computer, TV or any other audio component, these speakers are just designed to provide you with quality and a high-end listening experience.

For sure, this product is worth an investment because of its versatility. It comes with custom Kevlar woofers, silk dome twitters, and a hand-built cabinet to achieve a high level of sound.

With the presence of built-in amplifiers, there’s no need of connecting to other external power amps or a stereo receiver. All you have to do is to plug the speakers included to an AC outlet.

Compared to other passive speakers and amplifiers which consume a lot of power, these seem to be the best audiophile computer speakers that are tuned together, proving a more efficient system while at the same time requiring less power.

The Audioengine 5+ can work with any computer without requiring any special software installation or any settings to change.They are designed to suit all the needs of a desktop setting

Besides that, the set of speakers is a good choice to deliver professional quality sound by just using a remote control. They also have an efficient thermal management system and other functionalities in order to achieve a higher level of sound quality.


  • Compatible with any computer
  • Improved thermal management
  • Variable line output and cables included

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Bottom line

We created the list above of the best audiophile computer speakers in order to improve the overall convenience of the users who enjoy listening to music with the use of speakers by making the right choice for themselves…