Best Soundbar under $300 Of 2018

Advancements in technology have blessed us with a new line of television series, well-known as flat screen TVs. These cutting-edge TVs come with all sorts of features that were only dreamt of back in the day.

However, the new TVs have a significant design flaw and that is the inability to produce high-quality surround sound. You will all agree that you cannot watch an action movie using your flat screen TV speakers. The booming sound effects will only sound like a cough.

The best solution to this persisting problem is buying soundbar systems. Soundbars were introduced precisely to transform your TV sound system. The best soundbar under $300 reviews provide you with info on the best models that cost less than $300.

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VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1


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ZVOX SoundBase 450 28


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Yamaha YSP-1400BL Soundbar

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Sony CT290 Ultra-slim 300W

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Klipsch R-10B Bluetooth


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Things to Consider Before Buying

The essence of a soundbar system is to produce good surround sound, instead of shopping for a variety of separate components, and checking their power and durability. There are so many expensive models on the market, but you will still find those that cost less than three hundred U.S. dollars.

What is the ideal soundbar size?

Soundbars come in a variety of sizes. The choice you make will determine the kind of surround sound you will achieve. In most cases, the size isn’t difficult to choose. However, the longer and more complex the soundbar, the more costly it will be.

This does not mean that you cannot get good surround sound with models that cost less than $300. Depending on your TV system and the size of the room, you can opt to go with a smaller version or a longer one.

A smaller soundbar is the perfect little system for your bedroom with a sizable TV. In actual fact, smaller and shorter soundbars are very simple as far as mounting and connectivity are concerned. You may find a model that requires only an RCA connection to the TV and has a wireless sub.

You will have to expand your thinking if you do want live surround sound. That will literally whizz bullets across your room from the action movie playing from your TV, and even atmospheric sounds on the back surround that may appear like they are emerging from behind you.

BONUS TIPS: You do not necessarily need multiple speakers to achieve such kind of surround sound quality. All you have to do is buy a soundbar system that has all the speakers you need for maximum sound effects in a single unit.

You will be surprised by the number of speakers some high-end soundbars have when you remove the grille. Most of the longer models will involve a number of connections, but they are pretty simple. You can even connect a subwoofer.

How many connections does the soundbar system have?

The available connections are important when purchasing a soundbar system, because they determine the kind of signals the system supports. To view the connections, all you have to do is flip the soundbar unit to access its back section.

The first and most important connection is the port for plugging your power cord. The best model should give you more than two connections apart from the power input. This makes the system versatile and resourceful.

Some of the most important connections are multiple HDMI inputs, optical digital input, digital coaxial input, analog audio inputs, and USB input. Each of these connections plays a significant role of supplying the soundbar with a specific input signal.

The most recommended soundbar system is always the one with at least one HDMI connection. HDMI is the most popular input because it transmits both audio as well as video data. Soundbar systems that do not have HDMI inputs are a compromise.

We say they are a compromise because they will not be able to transmit 7.1 surround channels. However, you should not stress yourself too much. A soundbar with optical inputs can still transmit 5.1 sound channels.

Special features to look out for

One of the most important features of a good soundbar system is Bluetooth connectivity. Using Bluetooth technology, you will be able to stream music from your mobile devices. In fact, you can choose to stream from your iPhone or tablet.

The next special attribute is wireless subwoofer. Most soundbars come with wireless subs nowadays. A wireless sub doesn’t require wire connection and mounting it is easy. You can choose to place it anywhere you like within the room.

The best model has to be wall-mountable. This simplifies installation if your TV is wall-mounted. Also go for a model with remote control features. A soundbar system with a built-in repeater will send remote signals to the TV in case the soundbar unit has blocked the TV remote sensor.

Top 5 Best Soundbar under $300 Reviews

1. Sony HT-CT290 Ultra-Slim 300W Soundbar Review

Product Highlights

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Remote control
  • 300 watts power
  • Front surround sound
  • Ultra-slim structure saves space
  • Wall-mountable
  • Music playback

The Sony HT-CT290 is a high-performing soundbar under your budget with Bluetooth connectivity. This unit offers you an opportunity of setting up your own personal theater. There is no better way of producing high-quality movie and TV shows sounds than using this system.

The S-Force 2.1 channel surround sound and the 300 watts of power transform your in-house audio experience. You will feel like you are in a theater with every audio signal sounding clear and precise. The wireless sub does its part by filling your living room with deep lows.

The soundbar surround technology uses advanced signal processing established from the experience in cinema audio systems. The outcome is rich as well as multi-dimensional sound that covers the entire area without the use of any other additional speaker.

The soundbar will definitely impress you with its thin-line structure, beautiful chrome bezel along with the colored metal grille. The system is made to flawlessly match your TV set without barricading your TV view or the remote control sensor.

Apart from taking less space in front of your TV, the soundbar is wall-mountable. Therefore, you can mount it on the wall beneath your TV set. The wireless sub can stand horizontally or vertically, allowing you to fit it in tight spaces.

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2. VIZIO SmartCast 38-Inch 2.1 Soundbar System Review

Product Highlights

  • 38-inch soundbar size
  • 75-inch left and right soundbar speakers
  • 100 dB sound pressure level
  • 25-inch sub speaker size
  • 50 Hz to 20 kHz system frequency
  • 50 Hz to 90 Hz subwoofer frequency response
  • Remote control
  • Sound enhancement technology
  • Table top & wall-mountable

The VIZIO SmartCast is a 2.1 soundbar system that is designed to improve the quality of your TV audio system. It provides you with a left channel and a right channel, which is good for stereo. This does intensely improve the audio quality coming from your flat-screen TV.

At 38 inches, the VIZIO SmartCast is meant to work with a 42-inch class TV and higher. The size is absolutely important, since you will want your soundbar to match properly with your TV when you place the unit on a table top or mount it on the wall beneath the TV.

It is always necessary for the soundbar to look appropriate for the TV. Nevertheless, you can use the soundbar with larger flat screen TVs. It features Bluetooth connectivity for streaming music, making the unit resourceful and versatile.

The subwoofer design is amazing. It is smaller in profile when compared to conventional subwoofer units. The sub size covers a smaller part of your room, you will not even notice it is there once located. But it delivers the good bass any users would want.

VIZIO wants your soundbar experience to be incredible. Therefore, they supply you all the necessary connection cables. This ensures that you use all the possible connections at the back of the soundbar to improve your audio experience.

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3. ZVOX SoundBase 450 28-Inch Soundbar w/ Built-In Subwoofer Review

Product Highlights

  • 28-inch soundbar size
  • Suitable for 32-inch to 55-inch TVs
  • Remote control
  • Dolby digital decoding
  • Clear and precise vocals
  • Built-in subwoofer
  • Built-in Bluetooth for wireless connectivity

The ZVOX SoundBase 450 is an outstanding soundbar unit under your budget with inbuilt subwoofer. Unlike competing models, this particular unit is wide enough to allow you to place the TV on top of it without any problems.

The design can support a wide range of TV sizes from 32 inches to around 55 inches. The size is a little bit extreme compared to the thin-line models that sit in front of the TV. But the wider design has enough room to accommodate a good number of sound drivers, including a sub.

The system has an optical cable that you can plug into the back of your flat-screen TV. There are two analog channels that you can also plug into your TV. In addition, there is a digital mini out cable for additional connections.

The configuration of the soundbar system is incredibly easy. All the info you need to complete the setup is to identify what your TV supports, and then make the necessary connections to the ZVOX to begin transforming your TV audio system.

Once you turn the soundbar system on, you can choose to stream from you tablet or iPhone, thanks to the built-in Bluetooth connectivity. Moreover, you get to enjoy surround sound in the absence of many speakers and wires.

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4. Klipsch R-10B Bluetooth Soundbar Review

Product Highlights

  • 2-channel soundbar
  • 4 built-in speakers
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Two 3-inch polypropylene midrange sound drivers
  • Two 3/4-inch textile dome tweeters
  • 3D surround mode
  • Dolby digital decoding
  • Stereo RCA inputs
  • Optical digital audio input
  • Wall-mountable
  • Separate subwoofer

Klipsch is all about premium sound units at affordable price. The Klipsch R-10B soundbar is one of the best models they have offered at a very welcoming price. This unit offers excellent audio performance that will change the sound quality of your TV system.

As far as premium sound components are concerned, the subwoofer is definitely one of a kind. It has a heavy-duty, closed cabinet that feels rigid and stable. It is installed with an 8-inch cone, and it put outs a lot of power.

The design is very firm and durable compared to most conventional subwoofers. The back panel of the sub has a ported slot for improved bass quality. There is a volume control dial at the back of the woofer for adjusting the volume.

The soundbar itself is made of plastic, but it is well-loaded with reliable sound components. The components include two 3-inch polypropylene midrange sound drivers and two 3/4-inch textile dome tweeters.

At the back of the bar you will find two inputs, including an RCA analog input and a digital optical input. The unit does not have HDMI connections, meaning that the system will not be able to decode the highest surround sound codecs.

5. Yamaha YSP-1400BL Soundbar Speaker System Review

Product Highlights

  • All-in-one design
  • Dual inbuilt subwoofers
  • UniVolume technology
  • TV remote repeater
  • Learning features for TV remote control
  • Easy setup
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Digital surround projector technology

The Yamaha YSP-1400BL is the best soundbar system that features digital sound projector technology. The system has a very nice sleek all-black finish, which adds an additional décor to your living room just in front of the TV.

The Yamaha YSP-1400BL is a low-profile design which sits strategically in front of the TV. You should not be concerned with the soundbar blocking the remote signal to your TV because it has a built-in repeater. This sends the signal through the soundbar to the TV.

The system setup is pretty easy and simple. The bar comes with one optical capable that you have to plug into your soundbar and your TV. Generally, the system has two digital inputs, one optical input, one coaxial input, and two analog inputs.

The Yamaha YSP-1400BL comes with one small remote control that offers you control of all the system’s features. The remote control is user-friendly because all the buttons are clearly labeled. There is much you can do, such as changing between different sound profiles.

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Final Words

This marks the end of our best soundbar under $300 reviews. We have provided you with the most fundamental details you need to know before you decide on what to buy. Apart from the advice and product reviews, you should know that the best soundbar system is one that meets your individual needs.