Best Subwoofers under $200 (Year 2018)

Music sooths the soul and can keep away that negative thought that stresses you so much. However, music can also be noise if it is of low quality. One way to enjoy high quality music is to use the right devices, the most important of which is a subwoofer. A subwoofer is a woofer dedicated to reproduce bass. Who does not enjoy music with good bass?

Subwoofers range is the price from just a few tens of dollars to thousands of dollars. The price depends on many factors including brand, size, design and performance. A very cheap one may not provide you with the quality of music you desire while a very expensive one may be out of your budget. The best way to go is to match quality with your budget. So, is it possible to get a good subwoofer with a budget of $200? It is possible!

In this post, we are going to present you with the best subwoofer under $200 reviews as well as a buying guide to help you shop for your very own choice. We hope in the end you will be well informed to purchase a budget subwoofer that is capable of delivering the performance of the expensive, high-end models currently in the market.

Top 5 Best Subwoofers under $200 Reviews

1. BIC America F12 12-Inch 475-Watt Front Firing Powered Subwoofer Review

Presenting an innovative and futuristic design is the BIC America F-12 home subwoofer. It features a cube-shaped cabinet that attractive and classic although it is a little bit weighty. It is solid in construction with durable materials and black laminate finishing. Its removable black mesh grill allows you to enjoy seeing the nice, black-trimmed metallic cone if you prefer.

The actual woofer measures 12 inches in diameter and is magnetically shielded. A long-throw driver capable of moving a lot of air and filling a medium-sized room with bass sound powers it. The subwoofer is equipped with three power settings: on, off and signal searching automatic power setting. A rather hidden LED indicator can be located on the rear of the subwoofer.

The volume control is one the back of the subwoofer and a crossover dial allows you to find the most enjoyable spot for synergizing your powered unit with other speakers in your home. BIC America F-12 has many connections allowing you to use it with a variety of other compatible electronics in your home. Of note is the sub-in connector, which allows you to swap between a Dolby Digital 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 and Dolby Pro-Logic receiver or a DTS surround-sound receiver.

When it comes to performance, the subwoofer has continuous power rating of 150W with peak power of 475W that is quite low compared to other subs in its price category. However, this insufficiency is compensated for by the unit’s high sensitivity rating which is a measure of its ability to convert power to sound efficiently.

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2. KLIPSCH 10″ Front-Firing 250w Peak Power Subwoofer (K100-SW) Review

If you want to add high quality bass to you home theater, then you should think of buying something like the KLIPSCH 10″ Front-Firing Subwoofer. This thundering machine is a 10-inch powered woofer with front firing, spun-copper injection-molded graphite (IMG), high-excursion, woofer and rubber surround designed to deliver visceral gut rumbling base with nil distortion. Its built-in electronic (digital) amplifier delivers 150W continuous and 300W peak power for powerful audio.

This subwoofer features low-pass crossover with adjustable phase control from zero degrees to 180 degrees to enable you to match the subwoofer to your compatible KLIPSCH speakers (if available) and thereby control the bass level. Its front facing LED indicator is designed to let you know whether the device is powered on or off.

To make it easy for you to connect the subwoofer to your speakers and receiver, the unit comes with left/right binding posts and left/right line level RCA jacks. KLIPSCH 10″ Front-Firing Subwoofer MDF cabinet featuring brushed polymer-veneer finish offers very stylish appearance to complement your home décor. The MDF bass-reflex enclosure is designed to optimize performance.

The design also features removable grille that remains transparent acoustically while at the same time serves to protect the subwoofers components. To ensure stability and good grip, the subwoofer has feet projecting from all four corners of its base. The subwoofer measures 15.7 inches x 14 inches x 12.5 inches and weighs a surprising 30.6 pounds. The weight comes from the sub’s high quality components.

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3. Polk Audio PSW111 Subwoofer (Single, Black) Review

Another perfect subwoofer that can deliver the perfect audio quality with wonderful power handling is the Polk Audio PSW111. This 8-inch dynamic equilibrium composite sub powered by 150W continuous and 300W peak amplifier boasts of many wonderful features and specifications that set is apart from its competition. The amplifiers are within a vented housing that uses downward firing port to maintain the woofer profile in its lowest possible form.

The PSW111 measures 12.125” (high) x 11” (wide) x 13” (deep) but weighs a whopping 20.3 pounds. This hefty weight gives an idea of the quality of the speaker. The subwoofer keeps extremely low profile. You can hide it in your home theater settings without anyone realizing where it is, but its audio performance will give it away. These are made possible by the unit’s performance-optimizing and distortion-minimizing technologies.

Unlike most other subwoofers, the PSW111 is not magnetically shielded. It offers volume as well as low-pass controls, low-level inputs through RCA (LFE/mono or stereo), a phase control and high-level outputs and inputs through pin terminals. It has wonderful connection features allowing you to enjoy movies, music and games with perfect audio.

PSW111 design is appealing and functional. It features rounded edges and great quality standard grill design. It has four legs projecting from its base corners to provide stability and good grip even with the highest volumes. All these subwoofers come in a cool and stylish black vinyl finish, which can complement other electronics you could be having in your home.

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4. YST-SW216 10″ 100 Watt Powered Subwoofer Review

Yamaha is a well-known and credible brand when it comes to production of high quality electronics. The 100-watt Yamaha YST-SW216BL subwoofer is not a disappointment. It is equipped with many great features and specifications that make it one of the best subwoofers you can get with a budget of less than $200. This subwoofer is ideal for reproducing the tight, visceral low frequency that is vital for home theater experience.

It features low noise and high dynamic power performance made possible by the innovative Advanced YST II system. The amplifier and the speaker work together in this unique system to cancel out impedance to enable the speaker unit to have an accurate linear motion. In other words, the Advanced YST II works to ensure optimal levels of sound pressure as well as overall performance.

The subwoofer is slot-loaded and port-tuned. It uses a 10-inch long throw woofer as well as a powerful 100-watt for room thundering reproduction, deafening power and rapid, tight bass. Other wonderful features that contribute to the subwoofer’s great performance include low and high-cut filters and an in-put level control.

The 100-watt Yamaha YST-SW216BL subwoofer features large, floor standing speakers, which absorb the impact of low frequency sounds and ensure stability. The subwoofer is also very easy to connect with other compatible Yamaha devices as well as other brands. Given the great performance of this subwoofer, it is hard to conceive that it retails for less than $200. You can check it out for additional features and specifications.

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5. Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer (Single, Black) Review

This single 10-inch subwoofer is currently the #1bestseller in home audio subwoofers and for good reasons. Polk Audio designed and constructed the PSW10 to deliver perfect volume. The subwoofer is precisely tuned for distortion-free low frequencies and internally damped and braced to remove internal standing waves as well as performance-damaging resonances.

PSW10 combines the best speaker geometry, driver materials and enclosure design ingenuity to provide synergistic effect for clear and cleaner sound. This great subwoofer is armed with durable, resonance-free Dynamic Balance driver materials that move fast and stay still. The results are deep, musical bass and exciting effects with optimal system blending.

The PSW10 allows for easy connection to your system. It is fitted with easily accessible, ingenious grade line, speaker level inputs and outputs for easy to connection to any systems whether TV, MP3 player or gaming console and the like. It features a smart-sensing circuitry, which knows when to come on and go off. It also has top of the range compression circuitry designed to limit distortion at extremely high or low volumes.

Other great features include adjustable phase switch, low-pass crossover and subwoofer volume controls that allow for professional control of the device’s blending characteristics and bass output. It has a unique design to ensure stability and steadiness even at the highest volume levels. The subwoofer weighs 11.79 kg (26 pounds) and measures 14.4”x 14”x 16.1”. You will appreciate many more great features only if you had the chance to try this subwoofer.

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Best Subwoofer Buying Guide

The subwoofer market is vast and each marketer uses the sweetest, most convincing words to get you to buy their brands. This can present a challenge to finding the best brand and model to bring home. With help, however, the process can be a lot easier. All you need to do is to learn of the most important factors to consider before venturing on your quest for the right subwoofer. Here is what you need to take into account.

What’s the right Size for you?

As a rule, woofers with larger surface areas tend to play deeply. The right size of subwoofer should be dependent on your other existing speakers. For instance, if you are using bookshelf or satellite speakers, an 8-inch or 10-inch sub will blend nicely. Go for 12-inch or larger subwoofers if you currently use the enormous tower speakers.

Furthermore, the size of your room also matters. In case you want to fill a large, open living room then it would be wise to go for a larger subwoofer. Conversely, you should go for a smaller sub if you are going to use it in some limited environment such as your bedroom or a cozy den. You can literally measure the area where you will use the sub so you buy one that fits precisely and comfortably.

Down-firing or front-firing & How to choose?

A down-firing subwoofer uses a speaker that is mounted so that it radiates sound downwards towards the floor. The front firing on the other hands has front mounted speaker that radiates the sound from its front or sides. Since subwoofers produce low-frequency sounds that are less directional, the mounting of speakers may not influence a lot.

However, front firing subwoofer is a good choice for you if you will be using the sub near your speakers. Down firing sub, on the other hand, is great choice if you wish to place your sub in a corner or sidewall. This will deliver low-frequency sounds move uniformly throughout the room.

The Type Of Enclosure

When shopping for the best subwoofer, you should consider the type of enclosure it features. There are two types: sealed and ported enclosure. Sealed enclosure or acoustic suspension offers tight, precise bass. It does not allow air to pass through making it very responsive but with less efficiency. They require more power compared to the ported enclosure to produce the same bass.

Ported enclosures feature a vent that reinforces the low bass frequencies. They deliver more output without the need for additional power but at the cost of bass accuracy. However, both of these designs provide high-quality bass for home theater. A sealed design is works well with classical, jazz and other acoustic music while the ported design may work better with hip-hop, hard rock or EMD.

Passive Radiators Vs Powered Subwoofer

Passive radiators define additional unpowered woofers found within the enclosure. They more tandem with the power driver but they receive their power from an external amplifier. Powered subwoofers, on the other hand, are self-contained amplifier or speaker units with optimally matched characteristics of amplifier and subwoofer. They do not need an additional amp or power from your home theater units.

The passive radiators provide good bass but they require but they are not that powerful. You can choose them if you have a small room. However, if you have a larger room, you will do well by serving it with a more powerful subwoofer. The quality of sound is comparable.

Wireless Or Wired Subs

Although many subwoofers that come with sound bars tend are wireless, home theater subwoofers need wires for connection. This means you will have to buy a subwoofer cable to connect the unit to your receiver. However, some new brands offer a wireless connection option. Such brands offer accessories including a wireless kit, which you can include in your order. Alternatively, you can us a universal wireless adaptor kit (sold separately) to transform your new acquisition into a wireless sub.


Generally, high-quality subs are expensive but this does not mean you cannot find an affordable subwoofer for your home theater on a tight budget. It is a matter of researching. If you carry out your research well, it is possible to find an affordable subwoofer with great features. Consider your budget and shop guided by it. For instance, you can compare (based on the above factors) the best selling and top rated subwoofers retailing at under $200. You can also take advantage of occasional discounts and promotions.


In any case, you have been looking for the best subwoofer under $200, then you now have an idea of where to start from as well as the factors to consider before buying one in order to make the right decision. You can enjoy high-quality music if you choose the best subwoofer. You can turn your living room, bedroom or cozy den into a theatre and enjoy the deafening bass with your best music, movies and games.