Best Coolers with Speakers Reviews: Buying Advice & Top 5 Picks 2018

There is no better way of keeping your drinks cool during an outdoor expedition than using a cooler. This outdoor gear changes your outdoor experience. There have been remarkable improvements in the construction of coolers to include Bluetooth speakers.

Currently, the market is flooded with very resourceful and reliable coolers with speakers. These provide you with an alternative way of entertaining yourself during camping, picnic, and partying. You have to make sure that your cooler is full of your best drinks for you to be able to enjoy the music with a cool drink.

Load your cooler with iced down beverages and refreshments. If you have time, put your iced beverages in your refrigerator at home over the night prior to your outdoor adventure. This way, you will never run out of drinks while listening to good music.

The list of product reviews provides you valuable buying information. Now, let’s unveil the most important features you should look out for when shopping for the best cooler with speakers.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Coolers with inbuilt speakers are aimed at providing you more than just a cool drink. They deliver the most entertaining sounds that will keep your spirits up all day long. The following are the major things that you should look out for when shopping for one of these portable music boxes.

What is the best cooler material?

You will find more than one cooler material on the market. There are some coolers with speakers that are made of hard material such as plastic, and there are those that are made of soft material such as nylon. Long-lasting reliability and durability of your cooler is determined by the material.

Keep in mind that you will be using the cooler mostly outdoors. So, it has to be able to withstand environmental factors and weather conditions, including hard terrain and rain.  The materials you choose depends entirely on your preference but always go for durable material.

The first and most traditional cooler material is plastic. This material is the very first one to be used in the manufacturing of coolers. There is a variety of plastic material used for both soft and hard coolers, including polyethylene, and PVC. Hard plastic coolers are normally heavier, but they are very resourceful and durable.

The second useful cooler material is nylon, which is a synthetic textile obtained from petroleum products. When compared to plastic, nylon is ultra-lightweight. Therefore, you can settle for nylon coolers, if you want a lightweight cooler with inbuilt speakers. This material dries faster in case the cooler is exposed to water.

The third useful cooler material is canvas. Unlike nylon, canvas is strong and durable. A great number of camping and outdoor gears are made of canvas, such as backpacks and tents. Therefore, you should expect the long-lasting reliability and durability from a canvas cooler.

What is the most convenient weight and size?

Before you even think of the inbuilt speakers and radio, you should first consider the weight and size. The heaviest coolers are usually the ones made of hard plastic, and they are normally the largest in size.

A typical model can weigh 30+ pounds and measure 15+ inches high.

The heaviest designs are typically longer, wider and shorter; while those that are less bulky are taller. Those that are made of canvas and nylon among other softer materials are lighter, but they can still be wider and longer in size.

Any outdoorsman will consider the weight first. However, you might want to reconsider if you are to have fun and listen to good music. Choose the appropriate size depending with the occasion in which you will use the coolers with speakers.

A smaller cooler with inbuilt speakers will do you a lot of good during a personal outdoor expedition. Nevertheless, you will need a spacious model if the occasion is a party or a camping expedition involving more than two individuals.

As far as the built-in speakers are concerned, a larger cooler is more suitable. Larger designs do usually accommodate sizeable speakers as compared to smaller coolers. The speaker size will effectively improve the quality of sound produced.

What is the ideal Bluetooth standard?

The best coolers come with built-in Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth tech is the ideal standard for wireless music streaming from your mobile devices or laptop. There are a number of benefits that come with Bluetooth technology.

To begin with, Bluetooth offers low power usage compared to wire connections, which is convenient and reliable for mobile devices. This simply means that the battery’s life will be long-lasting. However, you are advised to settle for the appropriate Bluetooth standard among the available ones.

Bluetooth 3.0 provides NFC compatibility and it connects your mobile gadgets by proximity. On the other hand, Bluetooth 4.0 concentrates more on power conservation when not in use. Bluetooth 2.0 and 1.0 are still useful, but the range covered is not as effective.

High-performing features to look out for

Make sure the speakers have good connectivity. The way the built-in Bluetooth speakers connect to your mobile devices will certainly determine the quality of the reproduced sound. You should consider speakers that are compatible with your devices for easy connectivity.

An audio system is not complete without high and low-frequency drivers. So, make sure the coolers with speakers you consider are incorporated with Hi-Fi distortion-free low frequency driver and high performing tweeters. The power output should certainly be great; not something less than 8 watts.

Another important feature that you must confirm before buying a cooler with speakers is the battery life of the audio system. The best models are the ones that are installed with a rechargeable battery.  This is convenient since you can charge the battery through USB.

How versatile is the cooler with speakers?

The best model has to be flexible, ergonomic, and user-friendly. A model with an inbuilt radio will be an added advantage. You can listen to weather alerts and news while you are far away from home. A cooler with wheels is suitable; you can easily pull it from one position to another.

Make sure the Bluetooth speakers are suitable and convenient for your mobile devices. Basically, a user interface is important when using Bluetooth speakers. Therefore, make sure the speakers are compatible with your smartphone or any other mobile device.

Top 5 Best Coolers with Speakers Reviews

1. TUNES2GO CA-E065A KoolMAX Bluetooth 350-Watt Portable PA Speaker Review

The TUNES2GO CA-E065A KoolMAX is an ultimate cooler with built-in speakers that can be the best choice for a person who needs everything in a single package. It is a little bit heavy for light trips, but convenient for car trips. This is an ideal cooler to carry while traveling. It has a capacity of 40 quarts that accommodate 28 beer bottles or 48 cans.

Apart from the advanced insulation technology that keeps your ice frozen and your drinks cold, the cooler is installed with high-tech Bluetooth digital music player, 2-inch high-performing tweeters, and 6.5-inch Hi-Fi weatherproof speakers. In addition to the audio system, the cooler is installed with rechargeable battery and detachable cooler flashlights.

2. BREKX 54QT Black Party Cooler W/ Bluetooth Speakers Review

The BREKX is the ideal cooler for outdoor activities, including beach, picnics, camping and sports events. You can have a great time with your family and friends while listening to entertaining music. This device comes with a lot of features that provide ease and comfort to the customers. The very first observation you will make is the size. It offers you 54 quarts of space for storing beer and other drinks.

The weight is just 22 pounds, which is quite manageable during camping and picnics. The quality of the speakers is great, providing clean and clear sounds. The Bluetooth device can be connected from a distance of 35 feet. The speakers are durable and water resistant, but they should be protected against a large amount of water.

3. The Rager Cooler Review

The Rager Cooler features a 2.1 built-in and removable stereo speaker. This is the best cooler for parties, festivals, picnics and camping. There are two Bluetooth speakers with a full range and an 8-watt subwoofer to support every kind of device including iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, and tablets. There is an optional jack of 3.3MM, which can be used instead of Bluetooth.

The audio system is fun and loud, producing the real beat of the music. The weight of this product is 1.7 pounds, making it easy to carry and transport. It uses a lithium ion battery, which offers you four hours of use when fully charged. The dimensions are 12.6 inches, 11 inches and 12.6 inches, making it a smart choice for outdoors. This is a modern day cooler equipped with all the latest features.

4. GIWOX Picnic Cooler with Speakers Review

The GIWOX is a completely insulated cooler with built-in speakers to improve the user experience. The bag is incorporated with strong zippers and it is easy to carry and clean. This can be used during picnics, camping, and outdoor events at the beach because of its waterproofing and plastic material. The straps are adjustable, which make it easy to carry and transport from one location to another.

It uses V2.1 Bluetooth version, which can be connected from a distance of 8 meters. The battery is rechargeable and convenient. This product comes with warranty and all the accessories are included in the single package. The overall shipping weight is 1.4 pounds. Collectively, the cooler is engineered to keep your food or drinks cold, and offer you good music.

5. Cooladio Cooler with Radio and MP3 Music Speakers Review

This is a package that includes everything needed for a great day outside of the house. The inner lining is leak proof and the exterior is made of nylon material, which makes it reliable and durable. The MP3 and CD players can be used along with the audio jacks. In addition to the speaker jack, there is also an AC or DC adaptor of 9 V.

This unit provides a great combination of cool drinks and entertaining music. It requires a battery of 9 volts for the working of the speakers. Its overall weight is 1.8 pounds and it measures 7 inches × 14 inches × 12 inches, making it ultra-portable and compact. This is a comprehensive package of everything a person needs for an out-of-doors adventure.

In Conclusion

The best coolers with speakers are not just determined by the type of speakers they contain, but all the features that make a complete unit. Design features such as quality exterior material, heavy-duty wheels, pulling handle, and large compartments constitute a quality cooler.

The list of product reviews gives you an idea of what the high-performing coolers with built-in speakers look like. It also provides you with useful buying information, and tips for future purchases. Learn the basics and buy a cooler that will do more than just quenching your thirst.