The DAS Speakers Reviews: How to Choose The Right For You

Entertainment is an essential part of our lives. We enjoy entertaining movies, television and music during our relaxation time. Today there are high-tech entertainment systems that deliver a great experience.

They rely on speakers to produce the sound. We all enjoy crisp, clear and good quality audio. Hence, the speakers which we pick to construct entertainment systems for theaters, clubs and our homes are an essential part of the whole setup.

There are many companies around the world which manufacture speakers. An exampleis DAS Audio. This is a company which is well known in Europe and has a network that covers other continents too. They have a collection of high quality audio equipment in their product line. Here is more about the company and some comprehensive das speakers reviews.

What is DAS Audio?

This is a company which manufactures audio equipment. They have more than 4 decades of experience in this industry. Thanks to operating for so long in the field of sound devices, DAS Audio has valuable experience in the creation and manufacture of systems for audio reinforcement. The company is famous in Europe and recognized all over the globe for their customer-oriented services. They are also well known for their quality products. These are made at the company headquarters which are located in Valencia, Spain. The headquarters sit on a premises that is 24,000 square meters in size within the biggest industrial park in Spain.

The company staff is highly qualified and committed to the design and construction of a huge variety of audio products. At DAS Audio, they capitalize on high quality sound and reliability of the equipment. Therefore, their speaker systems are highly regarded by deejays and people who enjoy building music systems for their homes or cars.

The company has a network of distributors which is extended all over the world for example the Numark stores. This network is kept active by a collection of distribution centers and regional sales locations for example in Miami and Singapore. They provide high quality products to respond to the demanding market which exists today.DAS Audio invests time and resources to develop products that are of high quality. These are innovated in the Research & Development section of the company. Sound engineering professionals in this wing of the headquarters utilize the world’s top computer and sound technology to create ambitious speaker systems. By doing this, D.A.S. Audio has cemented its position as a leader in the industry of sound reinforcement.

DAS Audio speaker reviews

This company creates a variety of sound components. These include:

1. Compression drivers

2. Horns

3. Speakers


DAS Audio produces a wide variety of speakers which can be used to create a collection of sound system configurations. Their speakers have characteristics such as edge-wound coils and adhesives that can withstand high temperatures. They also feature cooling schemes which are carefully engineered. This ensures continous improvement of the products. Here are some D.A.S. speaker reviews.

The 10B speaker

This is a loudspeaker from DAS Audio that has mid-frequency capability. It also has programmable power level of 800W (watts). The 10B is quite a capable speaker in the D.A.S. lineup since it has a 4” voice coil. To ensure quality sound delivery, it has a ferrite magnetic construction.

The 12G speaker

This is a loudspeaker that manages low frequency sound. It has a programmable power rating of 1400W (watts) that allows you to experience a deep bass when you play your music. Moreover, it has a 4” voice coil and a magnetic structure made of ferrite material.

The 12LXN

Are you looking for a long-range yet durable speaker? The 12LXN speaker from DAS Audio is an ideal choice. This is a loudspeaker that is capable of long-excursions. It has a power rating of 1600W. Moreover, its voice coil is 4” in size. The 12LXN speaker is constructed with a Neodymium magnet. This ensures reliability at its high power rating and superb performance throughout long periods of play.


The 12P speaker

One of the construction designs that is used at DAS Audio is the cone. This one is able to deliver wide-angle sound in any configuration. The 12P speaker utilizes this type of speaker design. It is a low frequency unit that has a power rating of 800W (watts). Moreover, this speaker has a 3” voice coil. To ensure reliability and durable performance, it has a structure made of ferrite magnetic material.

The 15SX s peaker

Sometimes you need a very deep but loud bass. This is often applicable in
a club configuration or live performance. The 15SX is capable of this form of sound delivery. It is a loudspeaker that is capable of very low frequency sound. It is also quite powerful thanks to a power rating of 1600W. Its 4 inch power coil delivers sound with no distortion and the ferrite magnetic build keeps it stable for long periods of playback.

Special features of theDAS speakers

Every DAS product that you buy comes with a manual book. The manual books on each speaker are highly detailed. Moreover, when you buy some powered speakers which are designed for use in a club setting, the manual gives you some plans of how to set up amazing arrays. An interesting and highly useful characteristic of DAS Audio speakers is that the company provides you with a custom software that you can use to calculate the most ideal speaker arrangement. This one presents you with angles, diagrams and dimensions too. Thus, you can arrange your D.A.S. speakers in a way that delivers perfect sound.


The dedication to quality at DAS Audio begins from the top of the corporate structure. This is because the company president is actually the chief engineer. He supervises every product line in a personal way. In addition to that, he adds a personal touch and contributes to the overall designs. DAS speakers are ideal for live performance, clubs and seasonal DJ utilization too. Therefore, equipment from this company is versatile, highly curated and well priced too. The speakers are made of premium materials and designed to deliver high quality sound over long periods of use. Therefore, if you are searching for a durable, reliable, high-quality powered speaker, DAS Audio speakers are the ones to search for.