Best Floorstanding Speakers Under $500 (Year 2018)

Over the last couple of years, the popularity of floor standing speakers has increased exponentially because of their incredible performance that takes your movie watching and music listening experience into a whole new level. These speakers play a major role in delivering high-quality audio in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and other areas in your home.

The floor-standing speakers are designed to slot next to TV cabinets, bedside, bookcases among other places in your home. Their superior design has two main advantages. First, they pack more speakers drivers into a compact product, allowing for a powerful and richer sound. Secondly, these speakers take a small floor space. This means that you do not have to worry about floor space even if you have a small apartment.

Today, there are plenty of floor standing speakers on the market. The wide
variety makes it hard for most individuals to choose the best product that suits their needs. To help you in making a sound decision, we have done an in-depth research to come up with the top five best floor-standing speakers under $500 reviews. Go through the reviews to compare the features and select the model that suits your needs perfectly.

Top 5 Best Floorstanding Speakers Under $500 Review

1. Pioneer SP-FS52 Andrew Jones Designed Floor standing Loudspeaker (each) Review

 Designed by world-renowned speaker developer Andrew Jones, these floor-standing speakers boast of excellent performance at a low price, making them affordable for most consumers. These speakers offer you with a perfect vocal clarity as well as a nice high and mid range coverage with punchier bass that will exceed your expectations.

RF Molded Curved Cabinets

One of the features that stand out is the RF Molded Curved Cabinets that plays a major role in reducing the internal standing waves for better audio quality. This is coupled with the sculptured woofers that have oversized magnets for improved bass response.

High-end construction

As previously mentioned, Pioneer is one of the reputable brands that offers high-quality products that offers you with unmatched performance and durability. This is an award-winning model that has very many positive customer feedback and high ratings from several independent review websites.

Curved cabinet design

Besides improving the aesthetics of the speaker, this design also improves your listening experience by reducing erratic movements of waves inside the cabinet, which results in outstanding sound quality.


  • Solid engineering and construction
  • Clean, brilliant treble
  • Incredible imaging
  • Exceptional build quality for the money


  • Overall dynamics and impact could be better

Since the speaker is sold as a single product, it can be a great choice especially if you want to buy only one speaker. In the same breath, this is an excellent choice for individuals looking for an affordable, well made and a floor speaker that they can rely on.

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2. Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker (Single) Review

For the money, the Sony SSCS3 floor standing speaker might be the best deal for you. The speaker produce a deep base and outstanding treble making it an excellent performer as part of your home theater surround sound system. We also love the relatively low price that makes it an excellent choice for individuals looking for a high-quality floor-standing speaker with a limited budget.

Great audio performance

  • This full-range speaker is designed to offer you with a detailed sound that enhances your listening experience. The model delivers deep bass and high trebles than most similar products at this price level. It works well with your TV, laptop, Smartphone as well as other audio gadgets.

Slim design

  • One of the major problems with most floor-standing speakers is that they tend to come in a bulk size making them clumsy to store in areas with limited floor space. However, this model comes with a slim design, making them not only easy to store but also allowing them to match with flat panel TVs.

Great price

  • For a tower featuring dual 5.25-inch woofer, this model is worth every single penny especially when you consider it is very hard to get a good sounding speaker at a low price. Besides high-quality sound, this model comes with an impressive look that blends well with any interior décor.


  • Room-filling sound
  • Great bass output
  • Unprecedented Audio
  • Comes at a low price
  • Excellent clarity


  • Some users found the wires too short

The Sony SSCS3 is a superb product that produces a remarkably wide frequency response. It is difficult to find another model that offers this performance for the price.

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3. Klipsch RF-82 II Reference Series Floorstanding Loudspeaker – Each (Black) Review

The Klipsch RF-82 II is a great option for reproduction of rich base and high fidelity sound.

This model comes with a steady bass and detailed sound with minimal distortion, making it a great choice for a diehard audiophile.

The speaker has the ability to produce superior sound regardless of the songs genres.

New and improved design

  • This is the latest model that comes with a superior sound quality for you to enjoy. Featuring re-engineered drivers, this speaker will offer you with clear sound that will catch your attention when listening to music or watching movies. You will also love the improved look featuring black metallic finished baffles as well as care-metallic woofers.

Tractrix Horn technology

  • This technology allows for lifelike sound as well as reduced distortion even at high volumes. Additionally, this innovation has also enabled the speaker to produce a large soundstage with well-defined imaging.

Light yet rigid construction

  • The speaker comes with a light yet sturdy construction, enhancing both its performance and durability. The cera-metallic woofer cones are treated with aluminum for better dampen, preventing distortion.


  • Accurate sound reproduction
  • Affordable option
  • Simple but sturdy design
  • No distortion at high volume levels
  • Dynamic high-end frequencies


  • Not ideal for larger rooms

We love the speaker ability to maintain high-quality sound despite excessive volume levels. It will convey the best sound in a full array of selection including Baroque tunes, opera, classical, Jazz, Rock and much more.

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4. Onkyo SKF-4800 2-Way Bass Reflex Floor-standing Speakers (Pair) Review

These speakers are a fantastic addition to your home theater system as they create a sound that rich and natural when gaming, watching movies or listening to music. The speakers come with a stylish design making them a great choice especially if you would want to build an entire surround audio system or simply complement your stereo system.

Excellent subwoofers

  • If you are looking for standing speakers that offers you with rich base and detailed sound, then you do not need to look further. This model offers you with high-end woofer and an equalizer that allows for both accurate and fast response when delivering deep bass and crisp audio whether you are watching movies or gaming.

Easy setup

  • There is nothing frustrating than purchasing a product that is complicated to assemble. With this model, the setup is a breeze since you are provided with a detailed manual on how to assemble the system easily. Just insert the wires appropriately and connect the speakers to your TV, laptop or Smartphone and you are good to go.

Offers you with truly authentic audio experience

  • At all volume levels, these speakers will deliver natural and crisp sound with stunning details across the audio spectrum. These speakers feature excellent features that allow them to deliver better quality sound when compared to other similar product at the same price level.


  • Comes with a stylish design
  • Crisp sound at all volume levels
  • Reasonably priced
  • Powerful subwoofers


  • A bit heavy when compared to other brands

This is an undoubtedly fantastic purchase that will exceed your expectations. They are perfect for gaming, watching movies and listening to music.

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5. Polk Audio RTI A7 Floorstanding Speaker (Single, Black) Review

Polk is one of the most reputable company when it comes to the production of the classic, top range floor standing speakers, and the Polk Audio RTI A7 is hard to beat when it comes to audio excellence. It Is also a gorgeous set featuring both cherry wood and black veneer finishes that enhance the look of your interiors.

These speakers come with a standalone design and provide you with a ported enclosure that has a seven-inch subwoofer, a six-inch driver for midrange frequencies, as well as a polymer dynamic balance dome for high frequencies. Here are some of the other features that make this model stand out.

Clear, dynamic sound spectrum

  • One of the features that make these speakers exceptional is the clear dynamic sound spectrum that delivers high-quality sound even at high frequencies. They are great for representing both classical and jazz music genres where the midrange and high tones are prominent.

Operates on power port technology

  • This ensures that there is no port noise or chuffing when listening to music. This technology also improves your experience when watching movies.

Great audio at all volume levels

  • Another benefit that comes with these speakers is their ability to produce great sounds at all volumes regardless of the device they are connected to. This means you will love listening to music from your TV, laptop, iPad as well as your Smartphone.


  • Deliver high-quality sound even at high frequencies
  • Gorgeous to look at
  • High quality construction
  • Great for classical and jazz music
  • Space saver design


  • Sometimes the high end is too prominent as it can become too sharp and abrasive

These great speakers provide super clear audio that matches the atmosphere of your room and introducing some passion in it.

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Things to keep in mind when selecting the best floor-standing speakers

When picking the best speaker for your home, there are some crucial aspects you need to consider. First, it is the frequency response of the speaker. Ensure that the speaker can handle low, medium and high frequencies. By so doing you are guaranteed to find a model that offers you a detailed sound for you to enjoy watching movies as well as listening to music. Another aspect to consider is the impedance. It simply means restricting the flow of an electric current in a speaker. The impedance rating is usually indicated in ohms. A speaker with a rating of 8 ohms will offer good performance, but a4 ohm rated speaker a higher end product ideal for hardcore audiophiles

Does the size matter?

Actually, it does! A bigger speaker is less prone to distortion even at high volumes. For this reason, if you are planning to use your speaker to play loud music, a big speaker will suit your needs perfectly. The sizes vary significantly, and you should expect to find the bigger sizes coming at higher prices. However, it is still possible to find a decent size at an affordable price. To get the very best of the floor-standing speakers under$500 you may need an additional home theater system.

Customer reviews

Speakers have a lot of energy that pulse through them, and this will have a lot of effect on whether they are going to last for a long time. Some of the best resources to get all the information you need to know about a product prior to purchasing it are the customer reviews. The customer feedback will offer you with all the information you need to know about a product. This includes the durability, cost as well as the performance. Additionally, you can also go through independent reviews such as ours to gain more insights about a specific product.

Pair or single

Be sure to check whether the floor speaker comes as a pair or a single unit. Most merchants will include pictures of two speakers while the price indicated is for one product. This could bring a lot of inconveniences especially if you wanted to purchase to products. Do proper research and if the need arises, contact the seller for clarification. This will help you to get exactly what you ordered for.


Buying the best floor-standing speaker might be fun, but it is not always easy. There are many to consider you to select a model that suits your needs. However, as long as you have an idea of the size o the speaker and frequency response you need, you have a good chance of finding a speaker that will work for you. We hope our detailed guide will help you to make an informed decision. Good Luck!