About Us

As a smart and savvy shopper, you want to make an informed decision before you spend a lot of your hard-earned money on a new sound system for your home or car. What most people do is ask their friends and relatives for recommendation which is great, but if you really want to get the best for your bucks, you should stick for a while on our website and check out our expert reviews on home soundbars, car speakers and car subwoofers.

We Will Help You Make an Informed Decision

Not only do we present to you the newest and the hottest trends in the sound systems world, we also explain to you in detail how those speakers and soundbars work. We dive into the perks and the peculiarities of the latest tech achievements in the sound systems, testing them for you so you can decide whether or not such system will suit you.

We Don´t Shy Away From Telling You Everything

And we mean everything. When accolades are in order, we will give them. Praising a product that performs well regardless of the price is what we enjoy the most. But we won´t back down from pointing out everything wrong with a product either. Sometimes, errors in design or manufacturing can lead to malfunction of the soundbars and speakers after very little use. If you are to invest in a good car speaker or a subwoofer, you should know what you get for your money. We are here to tell you, in details, when you can save on a cheaper product and when you should splurge.

Comparing Products

The world of sound system is abundant and you may feel lost when you try to decide between two very similar options in the same price range. Often, such products may seem the same to the untrained eye, so you may think that it doesn´t matter which one you should get. Our reviews will help you understand the good, the bad and the ugly sides of both and which product performs better in certain conditions. Those sound systems will be dissected and studied until there is only one clear choice.

We Are Open For Communication

Our website is a growing community of experts and enthusiasts, but also laymen in sound tech equipment. We like to welcome any new member and we love to hear your thoughts on our reviews. Although we like to be praised, constructive critics are more than welcome. You saw a review of a certain product on our website and you were persuaded by us to buy it. After a while it started to act funny or it doesn´t perform in a manner we had described it to you. In such cases, just remember inform us so we can test it again and determine whether or not we had missed something or you have bought a malfunctioned product.

Talking To The Manufacturers

Our reviews are primarily directed towards potential buyers, but we are also in contact with various manufacturers, sending them complaints and suggestions. We will point to them all those assets that affect product performance and that are unnecessary and details that can be altered in order to enhance product´s performance. Also, we are counting on our visitors to send us complaints which we can test and channel our thoughts to the proper manufacturer.