Best Component Speakers Reviews of 2018 & Buying Guide

As a car owner, you have two options of upgrading your car audio system. The first one is the coaxial speaker system, and the second one is component speaker system. Between the two speaker arrangements, the coaxial is always the simplest and the most affordable.

However, component speakers have proven to be the best as far as sound reproduction is concerned for both low and high frequencies. A well-powered system of component speakers provides you dynamic, detailed sound and better imaging.

Coaxial speakers produce both low and high frequencies from the same spot, an arrangement that limits the general performance. Component speakers; on the other hand, produce the required frequencies based on your desired arrangement of the sound drivers in the car.

We have prepared a comprehensive list of the best component speakers reviews to help you make a profound purchasing decision.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Component Speaker System

When shopping for component speakers, there are a few general guidelines that should not change unless it is absolutely necessary. First, try to go for the same brand and series as your factory-installed system, if possible.

There will be noticeable differences when you switch to a different brand or series. Secondly, do not skimp on quality. Unlike most conventional speaker systems, component speakers have a long shelf-life. You can use the speakers for a long time if you choose the best quality.

Most component speaker packages comprise of two bass sound drivers, two high-frequency drivers, and two crossover networks. What differentiates, the systems are the design and performance features.

What is your desired size?

Component speaker systems are usually categorized by the size of the largest sound driver, which is the subwoofer. The smallest and most effective component speakers that you can find on the market are 6-inch.

The most recommended component speaker system sizes range between 6 inches and 12 inches.

The sizes of the high-frequency drivers and crossover networks will vary with respect to the size of the largest sound driver in a given system.

Try to choose component speakers that are exactly the same size so as to avoid changing the size of the speaker holes. However, you can make adjustments accordingly and even change the position of the components to suit your expectations.

What are the best subwoofers and tweeters?

As you know, there are three modules of a component system. However, the most important modules of the three are the subwoofers and tweeters. They define the bass sound and high-frequency sound your system will produce.

Apart from the appropriate size, you must make sure that the woofer and tweeter designs are exceptional. The parts of a component woofer that play a big role in the reproduction of bass sounds are the woofer cone and surround material.

Suggested high-quality cone materials are polymer, mica, Twaron aramid fiber, and polypropylene; while some of the ideal surround materials are rubber and butyl. High-performing tweeter design and materials include neodymium, silk/polymer, and soft dome.

Efficiency and performance – what should you look for?

Your component speaker system, to a large degree, will perform as effectively or as below par as your car stereo system and crossover networks that support its performance. In light of this, power range and sensitivity are two important factors to take into consideration.

High-sensitivity sound drivers should be used with low powered stereo systems. On the other hand, high power stereo systems with external amplifiers can be used to power sound drivers with lower sensitivity ratings. You can only get the best audio performance if your component system is well-powered.

However, any attempts to overpower your component speakers may end up destroying them altogether. Therefore, the ideal component speakers are the ones that can handle the output of your car stereo system or amp.

This simply means that the continuous power rating of the speakers has to be close to that of the stereo system or amplifier.

Component speaker impedance is another important feature to consider. Impedance is the amount of resistance a component speaker offers to the amplifier’s electrical current. You can properly match your speakers if you know the rated impedance.

The loudness and quality of sound of your speakers will increase or decrease depending on the rated impedance. Speakers with 2-ohm impedance will have a higher sound projection, but the quality of the sound will not be satisfying.

BONUS TIPS: For better sound quality, you may want to consider speakers with 4-ohm impedance or higher.

However, the impedance does not matter if you admire louder music and you are willing to overlook the minor hitches in the sound produced.

TOP 5 Best Component Speakers Reviews on Today’s Market  

1. Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System Review

Product Highlights

  • 2-way component system
  • 6.5-inch woofers
  • Two tweeters and two crossovers
  • 92 dB sensitivity
  • 35 Hz to 23 kHz frequency response range
  • 300 watts peak, 10-100 watts continuous power handling
  • Two-way external crossover network
  • Electronic tweeter protection circuit
  • Mica composite woofer

The Polk Audio DB6501 is a cutting-edge two-way component system for the money. This state-of-the-art quality component system combines the audio excellence achieved from pioneering engineering, with innovative and high-quality materials.

Designed for precise reproduction of the supplied sound signal, the system accurately delivers every distinction and detail, while retaining the quality Polk enhanced sound quality. With minimal care, the Polk Audio DB6501 guarantees continuous and trouble-free entertainment.

The system is made up of two polymer/mica composite 6.5-inch woofers, along with heavy-duty rubber surrounds for the protection of the woofer from external elements. It also features silk/polymer 1-inch dome tweeters for accurate high-frequency reproduction.

The performance of the component system is enhanced by the inclusion of external crossovers. Apart from directing the right frequencies to the woofers and tweeters, the Butterworth outboard 2-way crossover flattens the component system’s impedance to ensure flatter response and effective power transfer.

This is a versatile system that is highly ergonomic and user-friendly. The adaptor rings that come with the speakers make the system compatible with both 6-3/4-inch and 6-1/2-inch applications. This makes the speakers convenient and easy fits for almost everything.

2. Kicker 40CSS674 6-3/4-Inch Component Speakers Review

Product Highlights

  • Two-way component system
  • Includes two 6.75-inch woofers, two crossovers, and two tweeters
  • 300 watts max, 2-100 watts nominal power handling
  • 35 Hz to 21 kHz frequency response range
  • 1-7/8-inch top-mount depth
  • 90 dB sensitivity
  • External crossover network
  • Polypropylene cone material
  • 4 ohms impedance
  • Built-in phase plugs
  • Selectable tweeter attenuation level
  • Grilles and mounting hardware included

The Kicker 40CSS674 is a high-quality component system, and it is the outcome of innovative craftsmanship. Every piece of the arrangement represents the developments that have been achieved in car speaker technology.

Kicker ensured that the system is easy-fitting by creating manageable components that are not only durable but also high-performing. The complete arrangement consists of two 6.75-inch woofers, two low-pass and high-pass crossover filters, and two 3/4-inch tweeters.

The woofers are made of polypropylene cone material, which performs excellently. The speaker surround is made of heavy-duty polyester foam (ribbed UV-treated) for a detailed linear excursion. The woofer design also features extended voice coil tech for effective thermal handling.

The low-pass and high-pass (12dB/octave) crossover filters ensure that all frequencies are directed to their designated drivers for realistic sound reproduction. The tweeter level settings are selectable, enabling you to attenuate or boost the high-frequency drivers’ output.

High-quality and durable motor designs provide an amazingly low-frequency response, along with smooth midrange frequencies. The components are suitable for shallow mounting. Therefore, they are compatible with a variety of cars.

3. Pioneer TS-D1730C 6-3/4-Inch Component Speaker Package Review

Products Highlights

  • Component two-way
  • 6-3/4-inch woofers
  • 1-inch soft dome tweeter design
  • Elastic polymer woofer surround
  • Neodymium tweeter magnet composition
  • Twaron aramid fiber woofer composition
  • 27 Hz to 44 kHz frequency response
  • 60 watts nominal, 260 watts peak power range
  • 4 ohms impedance
  • 88 dB sensitivity
  • 1/2-inch tweeter mounting depth & 2-1/2-inch woofer mounting depth

The Pioneer TS-D1730C is the best component two-way speaker package. The system’s components are engineered to regenerate the atmosphere in which quality music originates. This Pioneer package construction is based on open and smooth principle.

Therefore, they are the cutting-edge speaker components that are designed to convey both quality sound performance and excellence. The Pioneer TS-D1730C is the ideal component package to engage if you want definitive in-car sound experience.

The complete package comprises of two 6.75-inch low-frequency drivers that are incorporated with an elastic polymer surround, and a cone made of Twaron aramid fiber. The cone’s rigid structure and material offer first-rate dampening qualities.

Strength is absolutely crucial if the cone is to maintain its shape at greater powers. Therefore, the aramid fiber is not only rigid, but also heat-resistant, and strong. The elastic polymer surround enhances quicker response, along with strong midrange extension.

The 1-inch soft dome tweeter design is even amazing, because it is capable of reproducing open and smooth high-frequency sounds. The tweeters’ woven fibers surround and soft dome diaphragm offer enhanced response and better sensitivity.

4. Infinity Kappa 60.11CS 6-3/4-Inch Component Speaker System Review

Product Highlights

  • Component two-way package (pair)
  • Two 6.75-inch woofers
  • Two 3/4-inch soft dome tweeters
  • Two crossover units
  • 93 dB sensitivity
  • 45 Hz to 35 kHz frequency response range
  • 270 watts max, 5-90 watts RMS power handling
  • 0, +3 dB tweeter adjustment circuits
  • 2 ohms impedance
  • Starfish mounting brackets

The Infinity Kappa 60.11CS is a high-tech component speaker package comprising of high-quality speaker components. This package has a high-sensitivity rating of 93 dB that is suitable for handling high power.

If you are on the market for a legendary line of component speakers, then the Infinity Kappa 60.11CS units are the ideal choice. The system is well-built, providing you with a heavy-duty assembly and striking sound quality.

The package comprises of two 6.75-inch woofers made of glass fiber and hi-roll rubber surround. This combination offers high-performing woofers that are distortion-free and very effective in producing those deep bass sounds you like.

The system comprises of sizeable soft dome high-frequency drivers that deliver natural sounds. The 3/4-inch tweeters are large enough to handle the extra power and supply smooth response to midrange frequencies. Therefore, the tweeters develop a definite soundstage.

The system’s nominal impedance of 2 ohms recompenses for any additional impedance in the thin speaker wiring arrangement. This ensures that the system delivers more output at ease. It offers a wide-ranging frequency response that does an excellent job of recompensing for placement variations.

5. Hertz Audio DSK 165.3 6.5-Inch 2-Way Dieci Series Component Speaker Package Review

Product Highlights

  • Dieci Series two-way component system
  • Two 6.5-inch woofers
  • Two 0.9-inch tweeters
  • Two crossover networks
  • PEI dome tweeter
  • Hi Pass crossover
  • Water-repellant pressed paper woofer cone
  • Neodymium tweeter magnet
  • High density flux ferrite woofer magnet
  • 1-inch voice coil
  • 93 dB sensitivity
  • 160 watts peak, 80 watts RMS power handling

The Hertz Audio DSK 165.3 component speaker package is the best for the ultimate in-car sound experience. It has inherited the materials, design, and high-performance of the most popular component speaker systems on the market.

As far as remarkable sound reproduction is concerned, the Hertz Audio DSK 165.3 is a leading system within its price range. Everything about this package is amazing, including the woofer, tweeter, and crossover materials and specifications.

The system ensures you achieve high-quality audio experience in the atmosphere of your room with extreme measures in simplicity. The simplicity of the design starts with the woofers construction.

The low-frequency drivers are incorporated with a V-cone profile that offers astounding mid-high range and off-axis response. On the other hand, unwanted resonance is significantly reduced by the thermoplastic polyurethane surround. It also guarantees linearity regardless of how high the excursion may be.

Final Thoughts

The most direct, but typically ineffective approach of upgrading your car audio system is to use coaxial speakers. But, we recommend you consider component speaker systems, simply because they produce better-articulated bass and high frequency sounds than coaxial speakers.

They may be costly or challenging to install compared to coaxial sound drivers, but component speaker arrangements are well-equipped to transform your car audio experience. The list of the best component speakers reviews will help you choose a working system for your car.

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