Best under Seat Subwoofer Of 2018 & Buying Guide

A car without a good bass will never be satisfactory not unless you are not a fan of music. Driving for hours with no entertaining bass sound is boring. In fact, you might end up falling asleep on the wheels.

The good news is that manufacturers of car audio systems found a better solution, which is developing aftermarket under seat subwoofers. The newly enclosed subwoofers on the market are better in quality and performance than the factory-installed.

The list of the best under seat subwoofer reviews provides you with detailed info on the most recommended models on the market. You can use the reviews to compare the design and performance features of different products before making a purchasing decision.

What is the right size?

The size of the under seat subwoofer you choose matters a lot, especially if your car has tight spaces. For the best performance and to avoid damaging the sub, you will have to choose an enclosed sub that fits effortlessly underneath your car seats.

The market is full of different sizes, but the most popular ones are 8-inch and 10-inch under seat subwoofers. The best models have a slim profile, and they are impressively compact. A thin-line sub will fit perfectly under your car seat.

Passive or powered – which is better?

You can choose between a passive and a powered/amplified under seat subwoofer.



The passive models do not have their own amplification. They require you to power them, and they use a lot of power, especially when producing deep bass.

Amplified under seat subwoofers have built-in amplifiers. They are easy to install and uninstall. You can use these subs in a rented car because of their portability. Most of them have slim profiles for convenient installation in tight spaces.

What is the ideal box design?

The type of enclosure is important in the general performance of the under seat subwoofer you buy. Different brands have a different box design; while some are compact than others. The extremely compact models are usually smaller.

BONUS TIPS: 8-inch under seat sub enclosures are normally compact than 10-inch or more. For instance, a 13 by 9 by 3 (L x W x D) inches is slimmer and more compact to fit almost anywhere beneath your car seats. So, the dimensions matter.

Most under seat subwoofer enclosures are rectangular, but there are some that are square in shape. Some boxes will have the woofer on one side while others will have the woofer right in the middle. The choice is really yours.

Efficiency and performance – what to look for?

The most efficient and high-performing under seat subwoofer is defined by its features apart from the intelligent design. The features that determine the performance of the best models include effective power handling, bass boost, crossover slope, frequency response, and current draw.

The very first consideration that is worth making is choosing between a powered and a passive subwoofer. The powered is the recommended option because they do not require too much current to produce good bass.

Choose a subwoofer that comes equipped with a built-in amplifier, along with a reliable power supply that is fully equipped. The amp power determines the quality of bass your sub will produce. Therefore, you will have to confirm the RMS power ratings.

Good bass production requires lower frequencies. So, consider an under seat sub that can hit low frequencies of up to 30 Hz. But a value at around 50 Hz should do just fine. The bass boost will also improve the quality of the low-frequency sound.

Make sure that the casing is made of high-quality material, such as aluminum. This kind of enclosure will be able to withstand harsh environments. Another useful feature is thermal protection. A good subwoofer is supposed to be able to resist overheating.

What is the connectivity of the subwoofer?   

It is always wise to confirm the number of connections on an under seat subwoofer. This way, you will know exactly what the sub is capable of doing. The best model will have RCA input, speaker inputs, and bass boost input among others.

1. ReviewJBL BASSPROSL Powered 8-Inch Underseat Subwoofer Review

Product Highlights

  • 8-inch shallow-profile design
  • 13-9/16 inches in length
  • 9-7/8 inches in width
  • 0 dB to + 9 dB bass boost @ 70 Hz
  • 12 dB/octave crossover slope
  • 50 Hz to 120 Hz crossover frequency
  • 35 Hz to 120 Hz frequency response
  • Less than 800 mA quiescent current draw
  • 12 A maximum current draw
  • 20 A fuse
  • 125 watts RMS amplifier power

The JBL BASSPROSL is a low-profile amplified subwoofer. This high-quality under seat sub is low enough to suitably fit under the seat of your vehicle. It offers you a quick, effective, and easy way of adding a high-powered sub to your in-car audio system.

The standard features of the subwoofer system include a bass boost control and a modifiable low-pass crossover filter. The boost control will deliver extra output at 70 Hz; while the crossover filter offers you variable frequencies ranging from 50 Hz to 120 Hz.

This high-powered sub is user-friendly because the phase switch (0 to 180 degrees) allows you to listen to music in the available positions. Then you can conveniently select the position that best suits your desired application.

You may have low expectations of this subwoofer, simply because of its size. But it will surprise you with the kind of output and quality of sound it will deliver. So, expect the JBL BASSPROSL to improve your in-car music experience.

2. Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 8-Inch Subwoofer Review

Product Highlights

  • 8-inch under seat design
  • Powered sub w/ cast metal enclosure
  • Measures 13-1/2 by 9 by 3 inches
  • Preamp & speaker level inputs
  • 0 to 180 degrees variable phase control
  • 80 Hz to 200 Hz variable low-pass crossover
  • 32 Hz to 150 Hz frequency response
  • Class D amp (240W peak/120W continuous)
  • Authorized Online Product

The Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 is a well-engineered under seat sub for the money. It has been innovatively designed to bring you the best quality, efficiency, and performance. It will absolutely offer you years of listening pleasure.

It is a restyle compact sub that is remarkably low to fit conveniently beneath your car seat. Basically, it lets you improve your car’s audio system by introducing accurate, deep bass sound without consuming too much space.

It is surely a small footprint, but it has a strong presence. The 8-inch subwoofer delivers high excursion, while the 120 watts continuous power provides strong bass output. This means more bass and more in-car entertainment.

The Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 is not only strong and small but also durable and reliable. To ensure that you get long-lasting durability, Alpine incorporated the subwoofer’s design with cast metal construction. Moreover, the side panel allows effortless access to the auto-sensing speaker inputs and RCA.

3. Rockville RW10CA 10-Inch Slim Low Profile Active Powered Car Subwoofer Review

Product Highlights

  • 10-inch slim, low profile design
  • Active powered car sub
  • 800W max, 200W continuous power
  • 90 dB sensitivity
  • 20 Hz to 150 Hz frequency response
  • 2-ohm impedance
  • Built-in Subsonic filter at 29 Hz
  • Bass boost of 0 to 18 dB at 45 Hz
  • 50 Hz to 150 Hz low pass filter
  • 0 to 180 degrees phase switch
  • Overload, thermal, shock protection circuits
  • Soft delayed remove turn-on
  • Adjustable input sensitivity
  • High-level inputs
  • Low-level RRCA input
  • PWM MOSFET power supply
  • Measures 12.4 by 13.4 by 2.7 inches

The Rockville RW10CA is a slim powered 10-inch under seat subwoofer that is engineered to fit in the tightest car spaces. It has a custom molded front grille and comes equipped with a built-in 800-watt powered amplifier.

The amplifier comes with a PWM MOSFET power supply fully equipped with ground remote and power at 12 volts. On the side of each unit you will find; high-level input, low-level RCA input, speaker level input, and bass boost input among others.

This powered subwoofer system has an overload, thermal, shock protection circuits. You can use the supply bass knob to have full control of your bass in the driver seat. You can use the bass boost of 0 to 18 dB to achieve a greater bass at 45 Hz.

This subwoofer system comes with a removable rubber isolating mounting legs for easy and secure fit. The unit slim profile will fit almost anywhere under your car seats. It is worth investing in this unit because it is easy to install, and the design features offer you full control.

4. Kenwood KSC-SW11 Compact Powered Enclosed Subwoofer Review

Product Highlights

  • 8-1/4-inch by 5-1/8-inch subwoofer
  • Aluminum enclosure
  • Built-in amplifier
  • 150W Max, 75W RMS amp power
  • Wired remote
  • Ground/power wiring harness
  • 35 Hz to 125 Hz frequency response
  • Speaker level and preamp (RCA) inputs
  • Measures 11 by 2-3/4 by 7-1/2 inches

The Kenwood KSC-SW11 is one of the best compact powered subwoofers. It is the inexpensive option you have to get good bass in your vehicle. It is a more convenient choice compared to most conventional enclosed subs because it occupies less space in your car.

This mini subwoofer system is powered and designed inside a sealed enclosure. The built-in amp delivers 75 watts continuous power and 150 watts peak power. It is not much power, but it is enough to transform your car audio system performance.

The subwoofer system has a frequency response of 35 Hz to 125 Hz, which is suitable for a series of bass. The unit measures 11 by 2-3/4 by 7-1/2 inches, making it compact and ideal for most tight places, such as under the driver’s seat.

The sub features an aluminum enclosure that protects it from damage. It comes with ground/power wiring harness, a wired remote control, mounting brackets, and a cable hold bar. You can opt to use the mounting brackets or not, just make sure it doesn’t slide when the car moves.

The ground/power wiring harness comes with everything you need to get the subwoofer working. You can use the speaker level input or the RCA input. If you choose to use the RCA input, you will need a long RCA cable to reach your head unit.

5. New Kicker 11HS8 8-Inch Hideaway Powered Subwoofer Review

Product Highlights

  • 8-inch sub
  • Weighs 9.4 lbs.
  • Measures 13-7/8 by 3-1/8 by 9-3/8 (D x H x W) inches
  • Bass boost 0 to 6 dB at 45 Hz
  • 250mV-10V (high-level), 125mV-5V (low-level) input sensitivity
  • 0°/180° phase switch
  • High pass crossover of 24 dB/octave at 25 Hz
  • Low pass crossover of 12 dB/octave at 50 Hz to 120 Hz
  • 25 Hz to 120 Hz frequency response
  • 150 watts continuous power

The New Kicker 11HS8 is finest compact hideaway subwoofer system. It has an inbuilt amplifier with a power rating of 150 watts RMS. Weighing 9.4 pounds and measuring 13-7/8 by 3-1/8 by 9-3/8 inches, the sub adds some serious bass to your car audio system.

Its compact design is engineered specifically for tight spaces in your car, such as under or behind your car seat. You can even hide it away in the trunk in case you want the bass sound to emerge from the back.

This unique hideaway subwoofer offers a continuous power output of a hundred and fifty watts, and a sensitivity of 95 dB at 1 watt for each meter. It consists of both low and high-level inputs, meaning that you can use both factory and aftermarket radio and speakers.

Final Words

The only way you can get live concert music with a slim profile low-frequency driver is if you choose the best under seat subwoofer. As you have seen from the product reviews, there are many brands on today’s market, but they all perform differently.

The best model should be easy to install, in fact, it should slip right under most of your car front seats. Always go for a powered or amplified under seat subwoofer, because such a model needs less current to produce good bass.