Best Soundbars under $500 Of 2018

If you look to improve your TV sound system, but you don’t have space for a full surround sound system, then it is time you resort for a soundbar. Contemporary TV sets are not installed with high-quality sound drivers because of the limited space of the design.

People who are fond of good sounds when watching movies and TV shows will agree that TV sound systems are inadequate. You basically have limited options when you are faced with the predicament of insufficient audio.

You can choose to buy a full surround sound system or you can get yourself a soundbar. The market is flooded with both high-end and low-end units. There are some soundbars that are unbelievably expensive, while there are those under $500.

The list of the best soundbars under $500 reviews provide you with valuable buying information.

Things to Consider Before Buying

The soundbar market has boomed in the recent year since the TVs have gotten thinner and the sound quality has significantly reduced. This is particularly true when you are watching those explosive action movies.

Soundbars come in all shapes and sizes. So, there are plenty of things that need your consideration prior to making a profound purchasing decision. Unlike full surround systems, the best soundbar is determined by a specific set of features.

Which Design Works Best For You?

A typical soundbar design features a sleek rectangular bar casing. The casing houses multiple speakers that consist of the higher sound frequency range to achieve the mid to lower range. There are designs that are accompanied by a separate subwoofer.

BONUS TIPS: To conserve space, you will want to choose a soundbar that has a built-in subwoofer in order to eliminate the need for a separate subwoofer. The models with built-in subs will definitely save space, regardless of the fact that you will be missing out on a larger range of low frequency sound.

There is a wide variety of soundbar design that you can choose from, including longer, shorter, and even wider. The bottom line is that they can all accomplish the same thing. The design you settle for is entirely dependent on your personal preference.

Passive Or Active, Which Is The Best Option?



Passive soundbars consist of one or more sound drivers for the individual front channels, such as right, center, and left. Therefore, they accept the stated channels from the AV receiver. There is a connection for the separate channels in the back of the system, which extend to the receiver or amp.

In other words, passive soundbars don’t have an inbuilt amplifier. That’s why they have to be connected to a separate amp or AV receiver. Some passive soundbars are made of unique technology that creates an artificial soundstage.

Active soundbars have the same arrangement as the passive models, but they are incorporated with built-in amps along with surround sound processors. This configuration isolates the center channel sound.

The arrangement eliminates the need for an external amp, which does effectively reduce weight and conserves space. However, active units are usually costly when compared to the passive ones. Active soundbars are more popular because of their design.

Choosing between the two configurations of soundbars (passive or active) depends on your budget and efficiency of the unit. If you have a tight budget, you can always go for passive soundbars. They are inexpensive, and they will still solve the problem.

People with a flexible budget should just go for the active models for convenience and efficiency. They do not need connections to an external amp. You just have to connect your unit to your TV using the component outlet.

Efficiency and Performance – Features to Look Out For      

As far as efficiency is concerned the biggest decision factor is the higher sound quality you want from soundbars. A lot of them do have additional features, including Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI hub, and wireless connectivity to the internet.

Bluetooth connectivity is one of the most resourceful features. A unit with this feature will allow you to wirelessly stream music from your mobile device or computer. You also get to enjoy Bluetooth connectivity with near field connectivity.

Internet connectivity is one of the latest features soundbar manufacturers have integrated into their designs. Connections to your home network allowing you to stream music from your online services as well as your PC.

Online connectivity will also offer you quick access to the soundbar firmware updates, not to mention that you can incorporate your units in a wireless music system. You should know that different models come with dissimilar network connection configurations.

The input you need is normally a big consideration. Low-end soundbars may have limited options when compared to high-end models. There are some units that have multiple HDMI inputs, while others have limited.

You are strongly advised to settle for soundbars with multiple HDMI inputs and optical connections. The dilemma that you are still faced with is choosing the best connection between HDMI and optical. We will always advise you to go with HDMI.

Optical and HDMI pass digital sound from one component to another, and they are more efficient than analog connections. What separates the two is the kind of audio signals each of the connections can pass.

HDMI connections are excellent for passing higher-resolution sounds, which includes DTS-HD Master Audio or Dolby TrueHD. These Blu-ray audio formats cannot be passed across optical connections. Also, HDMI transmits video signals.

Most soundbars come with a separate subwoofer to enhance the low-frequency sounds of your soundbar system. Even though you want to save space, it will not be a bad idea if you have a smaller, discreet and sleek subwoofer to boost those low frequencies.

You don’t necessarily have to go for wired subwoofers. The market has wireless soundbar subwoofers. As we mentioned earlier, most units come with their own subs. So, just make sure the model you are buying has a wireless sub.

Best Soundbars Under $500 Reviews

1. Sony HT-CT770 2.1 Channel 330W Sound Bar Review

Product Highlights

  • Extensive connections
  • Energetic and loud voice
  • Distinctive design
  • High-quality structure
  • Connected through NFC and Bluetooth
  • Length is 40.6 inches
  • Power output is 330 W.
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Wall mountable

Sony HT-CT770 is a well-built soundbar that comes with a wireless subwoofer. The power rating of this device is 300 watts, and it comes along with extra sound drivers. The available wireless subwoofer enhances the low frequency sounds.

The wireless connectivity of the sub allows you to position it strategically. The height of the design is the key feature, which is 50mm along with the slim body. The height allows you to place the soundbar in front of the television without blocking the view.

The styling is done with the elegant black color, which makes it even more attractive and distinguishable among the competing models. The width of this device is 1.3m which is the best option for the large screen TVs.

The efficiency of the soundbar system is improved by the inclusion of special features, such as Bluetooth and Near Field Connectivity for streaming music from your mobile devices and PC, HDMI inputs for linking HD devices, and internal gyro-sensor for sound optimization.

2. Klipsch R-10B Bluetooth Soundbar Review

Product Highlights

  • 2-way sound bar
  • 4 built-in speakers
  • 3/4-inch textile tweeters
  • 3D surround mode
  • Stereo RCA inputs
  • Optical digital sound input
  • Output of 250W in peak power
  • Bluetooth is enabled with all the compatible devices
  • Sound coding technology of aptX.

Klipsch R-10B is a true 2-channel soundbar for the money. It offers you the ultimate experience you could have ever wished for. The better support in sounding quality is provided by the aptX technology of Bluetooth receiver.

The wireless low frequency driver enhances the quality of the bass. A new life is added to the rocking tracks and action movies through this soundbar. It actually offers the best experience for the music and extreme action movies lovers.

It has a unique design capable of saving space. Its width is 40 inches, which is compatible with a 46-inch to 50-inch TV. The weight is 25.1 pounds with the dimensions of 16 inches × 8.3 inches × 13.2 inches, making it compact and considerably lightweight.

The clarity in the dialogues is achieved by increasing the sonic details. There is an LED display, which offers lights in three colors depending on the input given to the device. Also, the 3D surround mode delivers simulated surround audio for a more thrilling listening experience.

3. Yamaha YAS-203 Soundbar Review

Product Highlights

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Length is 34.9 inches
  • The output power capacity of 200 W
  • Best with larger than 40-inche TV
  • Drivers are 2-1 / 8 inches
  • Home theater controlling app is included
  • Digital output is present in the form of 1 optical and 1 coaxial
  • Wall mountable
  • Remote included

The Yamaha YAS-203 is one of the most versatile soundbar with a wireless sub. It makes less hassle, need less power and takes really less space. A great amount of value is provided by this sound bar along with the sonic prowess.

The sound quality is exceptional, which does remarkably transform the ambiance of your living room when watching movies or listening to quality music. Pseudo-surround technology is used in this device to deliver a room-filling image.

The sound quality features and music offered by YAS-203 are the best when compared to competing soundbars. The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to stream your desired music from your mobile devices and PC.

It has a low-profile design that requires a single-cable connection, and it is easy to mount on TV stand and wall. This saves you a lot of space compared to using a full surround sound system. Amazingly, you can use you TV remote to adjust the volume, thanks to the learning feature.

4. Sony CT800 Powerful Soundbar Review

Product Highlights

  • HDT support
  • Quality is 4K with HDCP 2.2
  • Voice control along with Google home support
  • Wireless sound speakers are easily added
  • Multi-room listening feature
  • The format support for audio is DTS – HD Master and Dolby True HD
  • Weight is 30 pounds
  • Dimensions are 43.2 inches × 20.4 inches × 9.8 inches.

Sony CT800 is the ultimate soundbar for upgrading your TV sound system. The 4K HDR capability is provided along with the HDCP 2.2. This maintains the quality of display with detailed colors and exceptional contrast.

The Google home support system enables it to recognize voice and operate through verbal commands. You can manage the sound system through making commands and without even lifting a finger.

The wireless sound surrounds the whole house by providing an outstanding experience. The most amazing and distinctive feature of this device is the ability to stream in multiple rooms of the house. The multi-room listening feature makes it the best sound bar for the whole house.

Unlike most traditional soundbars, the Sony CT800 comes with multiple input options, including HDMI, analog, digital optical, and USB input and HDMI ARC output. All these connections make the soundbar versatile and resourceful.

5. Pioneer SP-SB23W Andrew Jones Soundbar Review

Product Highlights

  • Mid woofers for increased range of voice
  • Remote control learning mode
  • High frequency reproduction by two 1-inch soft dome tweeter
  • Wireless subwoofer for increased bass
  • Built-in Bluetooth system
  • Analog and optical inputs
  • Weight is 13.25 lbs.
  • Composite wood along with black ash vinyl cabinet construction and finish

The Pioneer SP-SB23W is a high-tech, high-performing soundbar, which guarantees you the best sound quality. It is installed with four 3-inch structured mid-woofers for quality vocals and mid-range, along with two 1-inch soft dome high-frequency driver for smooth high frequencies.

There is a separate wireless sub that is unobtrusive and offers quality deep bass. The exceptional quality of sound is offered by this soundbar in the most reasonable price range. The virtual effects of sound and high bass provide a great experience to the listeners.

As far as wireless connectivity is concerned, the Pioneer SP-SB23W is equipped with Bluetooth pairing capability for streaming your favorite tracks wirelessly from attuned mobile devices, such as a tablet or a smartphone.

The Wrap Up

You shouldn’t limit your home entertainment by relying on your TV’s built-in speakers, which have poor sound quality. The experts found the solution, which is soundbars. These new inventions take your experience to a whole new level of channel surround audio system.

The best soundbars under $500 reviews provide you with information on the most affordable units that can fit a tight budget, and offer the best performance. You can go for the most expensive, but for now, upgrade your TV sound system with what you can afford.